A Whole New World

I am shocking myself, as well I’m sure the people who are reading this and know me (if people are reading this haha!), that I started a blog! And even more so – that it is on starting a microbrewery!

In 2012 I graduated from Mount Allison University, in Sackville New Brunswick with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Anthropology, and minoring in Socializing (however Geography is listed on my diploma). When I began studying Anthropology and Socializing, I had a difficult time understanding why I was studying them!  But true to the words “you can only connect the dots looking back”, I am slowly connecting the dots I had unknowingly laid out for myself.

I have written plenty, regurgitated even more during my studies for a Bachelor of Arts, but would never consider myself a writer! This will be another part of my journey!

I think that that this blog will be a great learning tool for me. Opening the brewery with my family will be the most hands on training I will have ever done, and it is not school related. There are no text books and lectures for this learning experience, which is why I think reflecting on what I’m learning on this blog will be helpful! So bare with me, and I hope you enjoy this learning process as well!

Celebrating my Mt.A graduation with my parentals!

Celebrating my Mt.A graduation with my parentals!


Well, Well, Well…

My sister and I in front of our beautiful Halifax apartment!

My sister and I in front of our beautiful Halifax apartment!

Here I am writing my first blog post, for my first blog which happens to be on my new adventure which happens to be a family microbrewery.

Who am I? … “Is this real life?”

In less than one month, I will be moving out of my charming Halifax apartment, into a room at a friend’s house for my last month of school and internship, marking the beginning of my Nomad Chapter. Darn 12 month leases and 13 month diploma programs.

Following the end of school and internship on October 1st, I will be heading home to Malagash and setting up Home Base in my parent’s cottage! While I am excited to be back in the country, steps from the ocean… and my parents fridge, I am also very nervous. I really never thought I’d be heading home to Malagash following my Public Relations diploma – I figured I’d have my sights on some moderately sassy PR job. It took 9 months of school in Halifax, the selling of a family winery, and the purchase of the future home of the Tatamagouche Brewing Company for me to have my ‘AH-HA’ moment! I am excited to spend time with my family, and especially to be a part of building a company from the ground up! I have a lot to learn business wise, but am up for the challenge and have a great teacher – my father, HC!

I figure I will be a nomad of sorts from the beginning of September until March-April of 2014 when there is an actual physical building for me to start working on. Until then my only plan is to learn as much as I can brewing wise, from whoever will teach me! I would love to get a week or two, or even a month or two at different breweries around the Maritimes – and hopefully even take a few courses in a few US cities (details hopefully to follow in a later post)!