A Whole New World

I am shocking myself, as well I’m sure the people who are reading this and know me (if people are reading this haha!), that I started a blog! And even more so – that it is on starting a microbrewery!

In 2012 I graduated from Mount Allison University, in Sackville New Brunswick with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Anthropology, and minoring in Socializing (however Geography is listed on my diploma). When I began studying Anthropology and Socializing, I had a difficult time understanding why I was studying them!  But true to the words “you can only connect the dots looking back”, I am slowly connecting the dots I had unknowingly laid out for myself.

I have written plenty, regurgitated even more during my studies for a Bachelor of Arts, but would never consider myself a writer! This will be another part of my journey!

I think that that this blog will be a great learning tool for me. Opening the brewery with my family will be the most hands on training I will have ever done, and it is not school related. There are no text books and lectures for this learning experience, which is why I think reflecting on what I’m learning on this blog will be helpful! So bare with me, and I hope you enjoy this learning process as well!

Celebrating my Mt.A graduation with my parentals!

Celebrating my Mt.A graduation with my parentals!

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