Goodbye Halifax… Helllooooooo Tatamagouche!


Today is a strange (understatement) and exciting day. For the first time in 18 years I am done school, for the first time I am starting something more than a summer job, and for the first time in 6 years I am living in Malagash full-time. Today I woke up in Malagash, and did the 15 minute drive to the microbrewery in Tatamagouche..the first of many, many more morning drives.

If you are wondering where and what Tatamagouche is.. you’ve been missing out. But have no fear, the Tatamagouche Brewster is here to introduce you to a sweet little town, with the entertaining name of Tatamagouche located on the Northumberland Strait.

The uniquely named Tatamagouche (pronounced tata-ma-goosh), or endearingly called by most, Tata, has a few meanings behind the name, the most popular meaning being derived from the native Mi’kmaq term Takumegooch, roughly translated as ‘meeting of the waters.’ A second popular meaning, which I have just recently heard, despite growing up 15 minutes from Tatamagouche, is a story of two men going hunting, and shooting at the same goose at the same time, in which they exclaimed: “Tat’s ma goose!” Whereever the name comes from, once you hear it.. its hard to forget it..and maybe to pronounce.

Tatamagouche is located on the Northumberland Strait in Colchester County, Nova Scotia. It is 50 kilometres north of Truro, and 50 kilometres west of Pictou. It is about a 2 hour drive from Halifax, and about 1 hour from Truro and Amherst. The village  is located along the south side of Tatamagouche Bay at the mouths of the French and Waugh Rivers, describing “the meeting of the waters.”


Tatamagouche is a unique village, with the petite population of 752 (2011). The village has personality at every stop, making up for its small size population wise, with its character. For example, there is the Farmer’s Market, which many towns can boast, however the Tatamagouche Farmer’s Market brings in 25,000 visitors every season for its goods and produce alone, and in a town with a population of 750 people, that increase is definitely noticeable. The Farmer’s Market is located in the Tatamagouche Creamery Building (and surrounding it) at 41 Creamery Road.

The Tatamagouche Farmer’s Market is successful, in a town so small because of a long-time pride and belief held by the entire community, a belief that is becoming ever more popular, ‘Support Local.’ 

The village of Tatamagouche has been supporting it’s local providers and entrepreneurs for the entirety of its existence.

Tatamagouche is an ideal location due to its close knit atmosphere, and belief of supporting local, to open a community brewery. The brewery will be opening on Main Street in the building that was previously Huston’s Butcher Shop! If you keep your eyes open, I’m sure you will notice the many changes happening in that charming, little building!


If you are interested in learning more about Tatamagouche, and what it has to offer, I would recommend checking out Sandra Phinney’s recent Saltscape Magazine article!

My new daily view isn’t bothering me!


7 thoughts on “Goodbye Halifax… Helllooooooo Tatamagouche!

  1. I grew up in Tatamagouche – like most teens, couldn’t wait to get out of there but, as is the case with many of us pre-baby boomers, can’t wait to get back!! It’s a wonderfully diverse Village and I wish you great success with your micro-brewery business.

  2. I miss Tata. was born & raised not to far away in Denmark. Been away for along time, live in Tennessee….but Tata will always be home….Good Luck with your Brewery.

  3. As someone who has lived near Tatamagouche for well over a half-century, I would like to say Welcome Aboard.

  4. Hello … My father used to have a store there and we lived in the back … of course it was in the late 1950 & 60’s . He sold car parts good luck with your brewery

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