Under Construction

The Tatamagouche Brewery is under MAJOR construction. We are finally done ripping out all the walls and floors, and have began  transforming the butcher shop into a brewery!

I have been keeping track of the stages the brewery has gone through so far with my trusty iPhone.

This is what the brewery looked like when we first got into the property (with a bit of demo already taken place).

The upstairs

The upstairs

The basement

The basement

Outside view

Outside view

Here is the brewery with the first phase of demo finished. Do you like our mud floor?


And this is roughly what the brewery is looking like these days. Things are starting to pick up construction wise, and with the cellar floor laid it felt like it was actually going to be a brewery.

The cellar

The cellar


There is still a tremendous amount of work to be done, but things are underway. Still sometimes hard to believe we will have a brewery in here but it’s feeling more and more like the Tatamagouche Brewery every day!


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