2014 – Time for Tata Beer

Well, I haven’t written a blog post since last year, so I’d say it is time for a delayed brewery update!

We have brewing new recipes every week, tweaking (not twerking) each time to try and find the best beer we can for Tatamagouche. All of this tweaking is creating a lot of beer… It is hard work tasting it all ;). We have mainly been working on our pale ale lately, however once we begin brewing in the brewery on our full size equipment, the tweaking will begin again.. Except we will have 1,000 litres to get through instead of 40 litre batches.

Andy, the beer dog, sampling spent grains.

Andy, the beer dog, sampling spent grains.

Things are moving along for the Tatamagouche Brewing Company, I can feel the pace of all aspects of the brewery picking up every day. Our construction crew has been working day in and day out to get us hopefully ready for a Sprummer opening. The brewery building is taking shape and we are very excited with its progress! We’ve recently installed new front doors which are looking preeeetty snazzy. We are also hoping to have another exciting change to happen to the exterior any day!! A NEW COLOUR (and it’s not a neutral)!!!

The beginning of a new look for the front of the brewery.

A new look for the front of the brewery.

Don't be fooled by the grey... this is just the primer for the exterior paint!

Don’t be fooled by the grey… this is just the primer for the exterior paint!

Two weeks ago, my father and I had the privilege of attending the Craft Brewer’s Association of Nova Scotia meeting in Halifax. It was our first meeting with the majority of the Nova Scotia craft brewing community, it was one of my favorite things I’ve been able to do since beginning the brewery project. It was very interesting listening and learning about ideas for beer in this province and where we all hope to take the industry. The craft beer presence in this province has been recognizable and respected for some time now, and I can say with confidence that this is going to continue and become even more prominent. It is an amazing community to be apart of with a strong feeling of camaraderie. It didn’t hurt that after the meeting, the family went to The Stubborn Goat and got our fill of their delish food and beer (Boxing Rock Temptation Red for me).

Big things are happening daily at the brewery in our sweet little town of Tatamagouche, which means a new update very soon!!


"Now the people will know we were here!"

“Now the people will know we were here!”






2 thoughts on “2014 – Time for Tata Beer

  1. The construction is coming along well I see, Christiane. It looks great and can’t wait to see what the end product will be. Ill have to stop by next time I am on my way home to the Valley. Cheers!

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