The Absentee Blogger Returns

I will admit I have been an absentee blogger for the past month or so, and with the launch of our social media accounts, I’ve certainly spent more time updating those, and less time updating the blog, my apologies!

Our commute to the brewery has been cut down from a 15 minute country road drive, give or take you don’t get stuck behind a tractor, to a 3 minute walk down the hill to Main Street! We have moved into our house and it feels so good!

While things have slowed down with the house and its renovations, the brewery is only getting busier. For the people who have been following our adventure on social media, you will have seen a few snippets of the big things happening at the brewery!

1.  The brewery is now ORANGE! You may notice there is a bit of an orange theme appearing with everything brewery… we were drawn to it!

HC showing the orange building, and the garage doors - which believe it or not, have been able to be open on the limited sunny days this spring!

HC showing the orange building, and the garage doors – which believe it or not, have been able to be open on the limited sunny days this spring!

The mostly orange brewery.

The mostly orange brewery.

2. There are tanks. Big tanks, little tanks, round tanks, tall tanks. The big move happened about three weeks ago with the help of a great group of guys who didn’t mind getting rained on. For the love of beer. Within that day, the brewery went from a spacious cellar to feeling like a snug, functioning (almost) brewery.

The first tank in the brewhouse! It works better when it is standing up..

The first tank in the brewhouse! It works better when it is standing up..

Coming together..

Things are coming together..


3. There are kegs and growlers are on their way, and will sooner rather than later, be full of beer!

Who would have thought someday Tatamagouche would be embossed on kegs?

Who would have thought someday Tatamagouche would be embossed on kegs?

Tata Brew kegs!

Tata Brew kegs!


4. Malt and hops have been ordered and are on standby!

5. Merchandise samples have arrived, and the store orders have gone in! They should be ready just in time for the opening! I love the responses we’ve been getting about the clothes, and am so excited to start selling them!

...More orange!!

…More Tata Brew orange!!

6. The most recent brewery news – There is a huge grain silo now on the roof of the brewery! It was a very exciting (and cold) morning and I will say I did get a little choked up seeing the silo being raised to the roof, it was a big moment for the brewery and for Main Street, Tatamagouche. There is a different streetscape on Main Street now – including a Tata Brew silo!

It looked smaller lying on the trailer!

It looked smaller lying on the trailer!

A very proud HC - this was his baby!

A very proud HC – this was his baby!

Being raised to the roof!

Being raised to the roof!







Things have been moving along here, but there is still lots to do at the brewery, like making beer on site! We are working on the plumbing in the brewery as I type, and are hoping to be making beer there in the very near future. We are still aiming for opening at the end of May/beginning of June, we just need all these moving parts to continue to come together! There is something new everyday – trying to get equipment through customs, or throwing out your first batch of beer (major learning lesson). It is a rollercoaster ride, some days are quite stressful, feeling the pressure of opening day approaching, while most days are exciting, and new!

Now that is it May, everything is beginning to feel very real.. this could be the month our brewery opens, and May reminds me it was just about a year ago I decided to move home to be apart of Tata Brew…. how much can change in a year?!

To stay more up to date with the happenings of Tatmagouche Brewing Co., check us out on Facebook at Tatamagouche Brewing Co. , on Twitter @tatabrew, or on Instagram @tatabrewco.

Until next time, Cheers!


Une bière s’il vous plaît

Amongst the craziness between the house and the brewery, Matt and I recently went on a quick roadtrip to Quebec. This year for Christmas, Matt surprised me with tickets to see Kings of Leon in Montreal, so with his new move to the beer world, we decided to combine the concert road trip with brewery tours (and IKEA).

The trip was not off to a great start, we had planned to leave Malagash at 6 am so we would have plenty of time to get to Quebec City that day, and maybe even stop at a brewery or two on the way. However Mother Nature had different plans for us. We were able to have our driveway cleared by 1 pm and were on our way.

The drive was fairly smooth sailing, and featured the dramatic Olympic Women’s Gold Medal Game on the radio (GO CANADA!). We made it to Quebec City in great time, pleasantly surprised by our mystery Priceline Hotel – TRYP by Wyndham Quebec Hotel Pur (a bit of a mouthfull). The location was ideal, in Downtown Quebec City, and walking distance to a handful of breweries and brewpubs. After dropping off our luggage we trekked a whole 200 meters to Korrigane Brasserie Artisanale.Korrigane.jpg

Korrigane was the perfect first stop of our trip, and helped quench our roadtrip thirst. It was a small spot with a young, college crowd. It was busy, as all the breweries were that we visited during our trip. The highlight of Korrigane was their Double IPA Imperial which was very smooth at 7%.

Friday, we woke up and were ready to find a brewpub that was showing the Semi-Final Men’s Olympic Hockey game. We found ourselves at L’INOX for an afternoon of hockey and beer! It was a great atmosphere, and when you could look away from the hockey game, there was a great view of the beer making process. I had one of my favourite beer of the trip there – their Blanche. It was so refreshing with hints of citrus and coriander. We must have stayed long enough because we were given a tour by one of the owners, Pierre Turgeon, and were treated to a round of free beer.. and Canada was heading to the Gold Medal game.

Watching the Canada vs USA game at L'Inox.

Watching the Canada vs USA game at L’Inox.


That evening we took a cab to La Souche, which was packed on a Friday night. It had a great vibe to the place, also “Artisenele” feeling if you know what I mean. This brewpub had great food and awesome beer. Matt had one of his favourite beer of the trip here – their American Pale Ale. Following dinner and beer at La Souche, we took off to La Barberie. I am still craving their Sour Cherry beer. It was SO good, and I now want any and all sour beer I can my paws on.

Friday night beer at La Souche.

Friday night beer at La Souche.

Mmm.. more beer.

Mmm.. more beer.

On Saturday we were onto the next leg of our trip – Montreal. We spent the afternoon doing a little retail therapy on Sainte Catherine Street. That evening we checked out a sassy brewpub/smokehouse in Old Montreal from the recommendation of our hotel- Les Soeurs Grises. It turned out to be more of an upscale brewpub than the others, but was very enjoyable, and I will say I was ready for something other than pub food so I gladly welcomed their Salmon Gravalax. Their logo was also the most unique of the trip and my favourite.

Loved this logo!

Loved this logo!

Sunday was the Gold Medal hockey game! We woke up nice and early and cheered Canada on! Thinking we could then kick Sweden’s butt for a second time that day we went to IKEA.. a word of advice.. never go to IKEA on a Sunday afternoon………….. Sweden and IKEA won that round. Lesson learned.

Monday was our last day in Montreal, and the day of the concert! We checked out BENELUX briefly, trying their sampler. All of the beer was tasty, however it was 1pm when we visited and the vibe was like being in a club in the daytime, and we had places to be, like Schwartz’s! To help wash down our classic Montreal tourist meal, we went to our last brewery of the trip, Le Dieu Ciel! Everyone we had talked to in Montreal had recommended the brewery, and it did not disappoint. It was a great final beer stop of the trip, and then it was finally time for Kings of Leon!

Beer at BENELUX.

Beer at BENELUX.

Lunchtime at Schwartz's!

Lunchtime at Schwartz’s!

A great ending to a great trip! The Kings of Leon concert.

A great ending to a great trip! The Kings of Leon concert.

One concert, a few hockey games, and 80ish beer samples later, we can safely say that Quebec is a microbrewery hotspot that shouldn’t be missed!

If you are interested in reading more on Tatamagouche Brewing Co., we were featured in THREE articles last week! You can check them out below!

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The Two Headed Bull

Today is an exciting day for the Tatamagouche Brewing Company! We are revealing our NEW LOGO! For the past four months we have been working with the fabulous Halifax based agency, Impact. Together we have come up with a logo that we are all very proud of.


The Two Headed Bull is an image we feel portrays Tatamagouche in a number of ways. It evokes strength, which Tatamagouche has shown during its continuous growth. Tatamagouche is a little town, that has big ideas and is traditional yet enjoys change. It is also home to a two headed calf where the idea originally stemmed from.

As well as presenting our logo, we are now able to share our Twitter and Instagram accounts with you! We are excited to be able to show you the process on our social media sites!

Find us on Twitter @tatabrew and on Instagram @tatabrewco

Happy Friday! Cheers!

Introducing The Tatamagouche Brewer

Hard to believe it is the middle of February, the opening of the brewery is sneaking up on us every day. Good thing we have gained a new member of the Tatamagouche Brewing Co. team, Matt Kenny!

Matt brewing a test batch of pale ale. The boots suit him don't ya think?

Matt brewing a test batch of pale ale. The boots suit him don’t ya think?

Matt Kenny has joined the company, moving to Tatamagouche from Moncton, N.B. He may have lived in the city for the majority of his life but he has a country soul and has had no troubles trading his suits for flannel! Matt is learning to brew beer, and already knows how to drink it, so we think he should be a helpful addition! If you see him lost on the streets of Tatamagouche, be sure to give him a friendly Nova Scotian “hello” and steer him in the right direction.

In other news, Matt and I have bought a house in Tatamagouche. It is crawling distance from the brewery.. so there will be no excuse for snowdays! We are currently doing renovations and hoping to move in by the beginning of April.

Until next time… Cheers!

2014 – Time for Tata Beer

Well, I haven’t written a blog post since last year, so I’d say it is time for a delayed brewery update!

We have brewing new recipes every week, tweaking (not twerking) each time to try and find the best beer we can for Tatamagouche. All of this tweaking is creating a lot of beer… It is hard work tasting it all ;). We have mainly been working on our pale ale lately, however once we begin brewing in the brewery on our full size equipment, the tweaking will begin again.. Except we will have 1,000 litres to get through instead of 40 litre batches.

Andy, the beer dog, sampling spent grains.

Andy, the beer dog, sampling spent grains.

Things are moving along for the Tatamagouche Brewing Company, I can feel the pace of all aspects of the brewery picking up every day. Our construction crew has been working day in and day out to get us hopefully ready for a Sprummer opening. The brewery building is taking shape and we are very excited with its progress! We’ve recently installed new front doors which are looking preeeetty snazzy. We are also hoping to have another exciting change to happen to the exterior any day!! A NEW COLOUR (and it’s not a neutral)!!!

The beginning of a new look for the front of the brewery.

A new look for the front of the brewery.

Don't be fooled by the grey... this is just the primer for the exterior paint!

Don’t be fooled by the grey… this is just the primer for the exterior paint!

Two weeks ago, my father and I had the privilege of attending the Craft Brewer’s Association of Nova Scotia meeting in Halifax. It was our first meeting with the majority of the Nova Scotia craft brewing community, it was one of my favorite things I’ve been able to do since beginning the brewery project. It was very interesting listening and learning about ideas for beer in this province and where we all hope to take the industry. The craft beer presence in this province has been recognizable and respected for some time now, and I can say with confidence that this is going to continue and become even more prominent. It is an amazing community to be apart of with a strong feeling of camaraderie. It didn’t hurt that after the meeting, the family went to The Stubborn Goat and got our fill of their delish food and beer (Boxing Rock Temptation Red for me).

Big things are happening daily at the brewery in our sweet little town of Tatamagouche, which means a new update very soon!!


"Now the people will know we were here!"

“Now the people will know we were here!”





Under Construction

The Tatamagouche Brewery is under MAJOR construction. We are finally done ripping out all the walls and floors, and have began  transforming the butcher shop into a brewery!

I have been keeping track of the stages the brewery has gone through so far with my trusty iPhone.

This is what the brewery looked like when we first got into the property (with a bit of demo already taken place).

The upstairs

The upstairs

The basement

The basement

Outside view

Outside view

Here is the brewery with the first phase of demo finished. Do you like our mud floor?


And this is roughly what the brewery is looking like these days. Things are starting to pick up construction wise, and with the cellar floor laid it felt like it was actually going to be a brewery.

The cellar

The cellar


There is still a tremendous amount of work to be done, but things are underway. Still sometimes hard to believe we will have a brewery in here but it’s feeling more and more like the Tatamagouche Brewery every day!

Chicago – So Much Beer, So Little Time

The best part of the course - Styles Tasting!

The best part of the course – Styles Tasting!

I made it to Chicago, passed the Concise Course in Brewing Technology at the Siebel Institute of Technology, and am now back to reality – and my blog!

The course was a blur (and not only because of the beer that was consumed) – I attended classes at Siebel Institute for two weeks, Monday to Friday, 9-5, with a different topic every hour or so. We covered a crazy amount of information starting at the basics with Brewery Safety and went through every step of production including water, malting, mashing, lautering, fermentation, filtration, valves, pipes… everything. Many things I had never even heard of until this course but luckily everyone was really nice and helped answer any questions I had. The course was often times overwhelming, but was highly informative, and we were still able to find time to have a beer at the end of the day – either at the class bar (self-serve) or at a local microbrewery.

The course had a wide range of students, with people coming from Mexico, and South Korea. There was one other Canadian in the course, representing Beau’s All Natural Brewing in Ontario. Of the 40 students in the course, there were three women including myself, which was not a shock to me, it was almost more of a shock that there were three of us! (We didn’t mind being the only girls when it came to bathroom breaks.. it was entertaining watching the men do the pee dance in a long bathroom line-up). The majority of the class was comprised of people working in craft breweries or home-brewers, and a large portion of people looking to make a career change. There were a few people that were from large breweries such as Miller Coors but we were all there for the same reason – BEER.

The class topics were generally covered for an hour each, maybe two hours, depending on the topic, and taught by a variety of instructors. We had instructors that worked for Budweiser and other large breweries, and instructors that currently work at craft breweries such as Firestone. The course was an incredible learning experience, when I wasn’t learning in the classroom, I was learning from my classmates who had great insights and experiences that they were always willing to share.

The course was made even better by having the city of Chicago to explore. I enjoyed every moment in the city, and would travel there again in a heartbeat.

I was able to stay on East Grand Avenue, which is only a short walk to Michigan Avenue, otherwise known as the Magnificent Mile, or the shopper’s dream, and my bank accounts nightmare… My hotel was also only a minute walk to the subway which was very convenient to get to Siebel. I ate far too much, especially Italian food – Check out La Scarola if you have a chance, and drank even more beer. Following the end of my course I was able to do more sightseeing including a river and lake boat tour (highly recommend it), and Millenium Park (had to see “The Bean”).

The River/Lake Tour of Chicago!

The River/Lake Tour of Chicago!

"The Bean"

“The Bean”

I even had the chance to drive to Green Bay to see the Bear and Packers play.. a highlight of the trip for sure.

Green Bay vs Chicago

Green Bay vs Chicago

The city is made for a directionally – challenged person like myself – many things are within walking distance, cabs are plentiful and reasonably priced, and the “El” or subway, is a breeze and extremely convenient.

Stay tuned for more updates on our brewery! Construction is underway!!